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Catalog Number 1986.06.10 a-d
Object Name Letter, Illustrated
Artist Russell, Charles M. (1864-1926)
Medium Watercolor/Ink/Paper
Date 1903
Notes In November 1903 Charlie and Nancy journeyed to St. Louis to visit family and deliver some of his art, which was to be exhibited at the St. Louis World's Fair the following spring. In December he wrote Bill Rance illustrating Russell's distaste for modern forms of transportation, while acknowledging that horse-powered travel was not without its own risks. On the third page, Russell resorts to another frequent subject, self-deprecatingly depicting himself dressed as a dandy (but, as always, still wearing his trademark red sash.)

The message, written in black ink, reads: (a) "St. Louis Mo 3932 Connecticut St / De 17th 1903 / Friend Bill I am still here in the smoke of the tall teepes an about the onley excitment I get is dodging cars and automibiles[,] but thats plenty[.] of corse the law enforces them to ring the bell after pasing over (p.2) a human but I think thats to call the wagon which hauls you to the morgue. I was out at the worlds fair ground the other day an took twenty five sents worth of automobile[.] we hadent gon far till id a give more than that to walk betwene holding on an staying under my hat[.] I was mighty bussy I thaught the D_____ thing was running a way[.] any how we were shure going sum[.] it reminded me of some rids Iv had with you behind that ladys horse you used to own[,] the one you sold in Butte[.] he was so kind I have often wonderd if the man that baught him is still living (p.3) well Bill I will close you will notice in the picture belo Iv spent money on harnes[,] but Im going to dress well if It brakes me / heres whishing you and all my friends a merry Xmas / your friend / CM Russell / well be home in about three weeks."
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St. Louis, MO
Worlds Fair