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Catalog Number 1980.46.03 a-b
Object Name Letter, Illustrated
Artist Russell, Charles M. (1864-1926)
Dimensions H-11.5 W-8.75 inches
Medium Watercolor//Ink/Paper
Date ca. 1914
Notes In spite of the fact that Charlie was always happy to hear from old friends, he was a notably slow correspondent. In this letter to Bill McDonough, however, he atoned for his five-month delay in responding by penning what was, for him, an exceptionally newsy missive.

The letter reads: "Friend Bill I guess you think its aboout time I said something. I received your letter last summer an I aint lying when I say I was glad to here from you[.] but Bill you know I always was slow an time has made me no swifter[.] / your and my friends have scattered an barring Peet Van I seldom see aney of the old boys we used to ride with[.] I see old Peet every little while hes blacker an I think has ganed about three feet where the flank cinch would come. he still runs cows but dos most of his riding in an automobile. he has an interest in a bank at the town of Guyser[.] Peet may not have been a financier but we know he was a cow man an when the big heerds left the basin he bought a few mighty good cows[.] Each of-these cows had over five calves a year. an Peet was mighty handy with the iron - this kind he was realy artistic[.] but I am glad old Peet or aney of my friends got thairs before the dry lander grabed everything[.] / I still make Great Falls my home an have dun well the last fiew years with my work. I spind my summers at Lake McDonald on the west side of the mane range where I have a cabon. its about as wild a place as you can find these days an that is what I like[.] I went to the Stampeed at Winnipeg last Aug. an saw som good riding and roping[.] / they had some mighty snakey horses an lots of the riders were unloded. I would shure like to see one of these up to date swell fork riders git up in the middle of one with an old times low horn an cantle[.] I dont think they would do as well as the old time busters we knew[.] som say the swell fork makes no difference. but it looks mighty like what we used to call a role an you know Bill men that used a role were not considered bronk riders in the old days[.] / I stil have my old Cheyenne saddle I left Chinook on but both my old horses are dead years ago[.] I have one old horse left he like myself is a has been but he dos for the little riding I do[.] Bill if you have a photograph of your self send me one[.] Id like it best if you were monnted I am sending one of mine with this letter[.] / I wish some time you could come and see me we would shure talk over old times we could go and make old Peet a visit[.] / well Bill il close for this time / with best wishes to you and yours / your friend CMRussell"
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