The Montana Historical Society Museum collects, preserves, and interprets fine art and artifacts that pertain to Montana and its adjoining geographic region. Montana's Museum is where history and land come together in the story of people who have called Montana home.

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Charles M. Russell Collection
“Montana is terribly proud of her adopted son, ‘Charlie’ Russell. No one has ever painted her portrait so vigorously or so well...Now we are bringing his work home, reciprocating the respect and admiration he so long felt for Montana..." - K. Ross Toole

This collection (numbering over 200 pieces—24 major oils, 33 major watercolors, 40 pen and inks, 15 original models, 60 bronzes, and 34 illustrated letters) is one of the most significant collections of Russell art anywhere.

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American Indian

The Museum collection of more than 50,000 artifacts contains art and three-dimensional artifacts relating to all aspects of Montana history and culture. Museum staff will regularly upload objects to our online collection. If you cannot find a particular object, or if you have any suggestions, please use the feedback form on any object page, or the feedback e-mail below.

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