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Catalog Number 2009.57.01
Object Name Bag, Beaded
Artist Bowers, Rachel Arlee
Dimensions W-8.5 L-11.25 inches
Medium Beads
Date 2009
Notes Contemporary beaded Plateau style beaded bag. Both sides and the bottom of the bag are beaded with brass colored seed beads; the beads on these three sides wrap around to the back of the bag. The top of the bag is bordered with the same brass colored beads, but they do not wrap around to the back; these beads have been beaded into groups of four running horizontal along the top.

In the proper upper left corner is an eagle's head that has been beaded using yellow, brown, white, and cream colored seed beads. Across from the eagle's face is a large rose; the rose has been beaded using orange, yellow, red, and burgundy seed beads on the petals and two shades of green for the leaves and the stem. There are three leaves attached to the stem and one extending from behind one of the petals on the rose. The ground behind the eagle's face and rose is beaded with light blue seed beads, representing the sky, with short rays of pink seed beads throughout. In addition are several large sun rays, which have been beaded with white and gold seed beads.

There is a horizontal line of mountains beaded with dark blue cut cylindrical shaped beads. Each mountain peak is beaded with small white seed beads. The mountain range is broken up by the sun. In front of the mountain range the ground is covered with several shades of green. On the proper left side of the middleground is a buffalo, which has been outlined using brass colored seed beads; the front of the body has been filled in with white and pale brown seed beads; the back of the buffalo has been beaded with white seed beads and the legs have been beaded primarily with the pale brown seed beads. To the proper right side of the middle ground is another large rose, which again has been beaded using red, orange and yellow seed beads and outlined with burgundy seed beads. A single leaf is attached behind one of the petals.

The ground has been beaded with several shades of green along with shades of blue, purple and white and pink for flowers. On the proper left side another large red, orange, and yellow rose has been beaded and outlined in burgundy. Attached to the petals are three green leaves. Surrounding the rose are four three-dimensional flowers; these flowers have been beaded using green and pink seed beads. On the proper right side of the bag is the face of a bear. The bear has been beaded using dark brown and cream colored seed beads.

The back of the bag has not been beaded; there are two handles attached at the top; the inside of the bag has been lined with a dark blue floral printed fabric and there is a small zippered pouch on the inside panel.
Search Terms Beadwork
Native American
American Indian