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Catalog Number X1975.24.25 a-c
Object Name Letter
Artist Clarke, John L. (1881-1970)
Date 1945
Notes Illustrated letter with a pen and ink drawing across the top depicting a river and a boat filled with four fishermen. "Two Medicine Lake the Boat waved up with Howard, Gene, Jack and John" is printed in the top corner. The letter is addressed to "Howard & Redies" and reads "We got your letter sometimes ago[.] The weather is fair not cold. Help me warm sick[.] I am not well yet with the bladder trouble little will be improved. A few weeks ago the wound closed I don't work heavy carve light for selling[.] I paid 60 fts net $8.98 at Strain store. That boss wrote east[.] We hope to get it open May 20 fish season. End of May close hight Jocyce school. We will move home to Glacier Park with (image of car and wagon)[.] I heard Moose season open in the fall. We will go moose and elk hunting. Where will you go with me for moose hunting or near Canada North Columbia Falls[.] Some mooses are in Big river south about 25 miles from Jave. I hunted elk, saw the moose at the stream ponds. Lot of big bull trouble at the big river south you can get. we think we take the packs on the horses (drawing of four horses adn a dog). Further down the page the start of another begins "Dear Readie & Howard, Just a line is A M John feeling better this AM[?] Was in bed yesterrday & day before I think he took cold in his bladder out to the ice show & other shows when it was cold here. We'd have come down to funeral but he isn't able to travel & our car has to be gone over & tires fixed up, got our license so - would have to get an extra spare tire & see about what the tire need. I sure hope John get ok before school closes this is just getting us down seeing him so shakey[.] Hope you are both well & come down & see us[.] I'll get a room for you write[sic] where you can. Hows the house cleaning coming[?] We got little washing[.] I must do the P.M. sure hard to head water here for machine[.] Write soon love as always Mamie John & Joyce".

The next page continues "Dont tell report the people. I paid new long net 60ft. I will go fishing with Garret[.] Open season hunting moose. It is hard to find them. Some moose at stream pond at Big river about 25 miles from Java[.] I want you to get new 2 boxes 8 m.m. calibres[.] I will pay you. Let me write soon. No ration meat stamp here if I will get elk at Glacier Park (pen and ink drawing of hunters on horseback riding through Glacier Park). Dear Peanuts & Verna - we had thought of going up home for Easter but dont think can make it[.] Looked around for III tire yesterday for so tired out, & we haven't our license yet, but see that lot of others haven't either yet, John didn't feel so well last nite either I think it too cold up here & he would over do & take cold never can tell about the cold anyway I'd as soon not go as have to come right back[.] Write then you can hope your both will & take care of yourselves & will be seeing you[.]
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