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Catalog Number x1962.03.05
Title MR. AND MRS. S.
Object Name Painting
Artist Weeks, James
Dimensions H-67 W-80.5 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas
Date 1960
Notes Two figures dominate the right half of the painting posing in formal evening wear. The gentleman wears a tuxedo painted in greys, blacks and blue and the lady a suit with pants that reflect golds, deep oranges and reds . The space they stand in is dark but opens onto another lighter, brighter space characterized by a large rectangle of yellow and other horizontal, stacked rectangles of orange, pastel blues and purples. The color surrounding the lady is an odd green that is even reflected in her skin tones contrasted with a cadmium red that defines her contour. The sharp contrast creates an area of focus and an entrance into the painting. The way the green tones permeate the whole area in which she stands is reminiscent of a pool of light being cast, though their is no reference to this in the work. To the upper right of her head is a rectangle of yellow that suggests another opening, possibly a window. And to the extreme left of the painting is an undefined architectural structure that enters into the painting in the LLC and rises to the top edge of the painting, shifting color along its length from muddy purple to a series of greens and shades of grey. She leans casually and gracefully against a high backed chair (also green) that only barely makes it into the right hand side of the painting, the greater three quarters of the chair being lost to sight as it is cut off by the edge of the painting.
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