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Catalog Number X1975.24.59
Object Name Drawing
Artist Clarke, John L. (1881-1970)
Dimensions W-8 L-10.5 inches
Medium Graphite
Notes Side 2 (back) - depicts two different fishing scenes. The first scene, across the top half of the paper depicts a boat in the water. Inside the boat are three people. One person is sitting at the back of the boat and has lost his hat in the water. Two people are seated near the front of the boat - one is fishing and one is not. Both appear to be looking back at the person who has lost his hat in the water. They have caught several fish, which are hanging off the front of the boat, but in the water.

The second scene depicts the same people that were in the boat, are now on shore. The boat is still in the water, but appears to be anchored to the shore. The guy in the back is holding one fish with his hand and holding a drink in his other. In the middle is a woman who is holding a fishing pole. The man in front is holding several fish over his shoulder. All three people are making there way to the parked car. The artist has signed the piece in the proper lower right corner "Drawn By J.L. CLARKE". In front of the signature is an image of a Indian head in profile.

Side 1 (front) - There are three drawings depicting the same people mentioned earlier fishing. The image at the top of the page has names attached to each person in the boat (Peanut, Verna, and John). There are several fish depicted swimming around the boat. John has something attached to the end of his line and it reads "Spinner perfume / drive all pike / out". It appears Peanut has a fish on his line.

The second drawing depicts a very similar scene to the one mentioned above. However, John does not have a line in the water and it appears Peanut is about to snag another fish. There are several fish depicted in the water surrounding the boat. The last drawing, at the bottom of the page, depicts John breaking his fishing pole. The woman in the middle of the fishing boat is watching John break his pole and Peanut still has a line in the water.
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