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Catalog Number X1971.01.01 a-b
Object Name Letter, Illustrated
Artist Russell, Charles M. (1864-1926)
Dimensions H-10.75 W-14.5 inches
Medium Watercolor/Ink/Paper
Date 1925
Notes Although Glacier's status as a national park provided significant protection for the region's natural beauty, there were still potential threats to the paradise it offered. In this letter the Cowboy Artist discussed two such perils, forest fires and tourists, both of which the Russells encountered during their 1925 stay at Lake McDonald.

Russell's hat is in the air; he wears a white shirt, red sash, and tan pants and boots. The woman holds a cigarette in her proper left hand a walking stick in the right; she wears a fedora, red-pink sweater with horizontal stripes, tan pants and boots. Timber and trees in background and on left side. The text reads: "Aug 15 / 1925 / Lake McDonald / Mont / Ed Lapeyre / Friend Ed I thought that you would like to know the rain has come and the fire is out[.] no cabins were burnt[.] your property wasent touched. / The other day I was taking my morning ride. My horse has worked in a pack train an is plum gentel[.] I was roling som bull when suddenly this old cyuse nearly looses me[.] Im so busy reaching for holts I dont know what throwed the scare in him an when I get back in the middle of this cuyse Iv broke all the rules in riding and if thairs any [two words have been marked through] leather I missed I couldent find it[.] then I see whats botherin this cyuse and I dont blame him[.] its a lady and thairs lots of her[.] In this country with short hair and pants its hard to tell 'hes' from 'shes' but this ons build tips her hand[.] she slopes both ways from the middel[.] / (p.2) its a sinch this old cyuse has met bear in the trail and other wild things that live in these big hills, / but he lost his nurve when he sees this fully developed female[.] hes from the Flat Head[.] he savys squaws, thair natural[.] the smell of dryed meat and willow bark ore beaver musk is home to him but Cologne is strange and he wont stay. Ed you have both kinds up here nature and unnaturl. / if some of these wise ones that are back tracking man to a 'nit' would come up here they might guess again[.] Evolutionist say it took millions of years to turn a monkey to a man and every body knows that a woman can make a monkey out of a man in a fiew hours[.] I know lots of monkeys that were wonce men. Evolution is dam slow. Well Ed Il close with best whishes to your self and the bunch / Your friend / CM Russell / How is Tom Kirwin[?] hope hes better"
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